Meet your Instructors

Armed Response Safety Training instructors have diverse training backgrounds from the military, competitive shooting and the security industry. We also have customer service backgrounds that gives us the understanding for helping our clients succeed.


Anthony Suihkonen is a United States Navy Veteran who served honorably during Operation Enduring & Iraqi Freedom. As a Naval Aircrewman, Search and Rescue Swimmer he gained valuable training and experience by working along side some of the military's most elite units. He is a dedicated professional with unwavering commitment to helping others. Prior to the military he spent most of his time in the customer service industry where he learned the value of effective communication. Above all else, he believes communication is key to successfully instructing and training our students. Training is not only his passion but important to him as well, since he is an Armed Physical Security Specialists. Training is a must for his lifestyle. He is a father and family man and understands the importance of providing the right tools for learning security and safety for loved ones. He has worked hard to become a successful Veteran entrepreneur owning and running a security company & Armed Response Safety Training. He admits no other industry brings him as much joy as  firearms training and the security profession. His quote he uses to stay inspired daily is John 15:13 No greater love hath no man than for a man to lay down his life for his friends. 


Jake Montes is a United States Air Force Veteran that is currently an Air Force Reservists. His time in the Air Force has been spent working across the European and Pacific Regions as a Tactical Communications Technician. He has training with various weapons platforms, survival specialist training, and emergency medical training. Prior to his service he spent 6 years with the Orange County Sheriff Department assisting Deputies as a Cadet and gaining valuable experience in dealing with the public. Jake is also an avid USPSA (Carry Optics) competitive shooter. He competes with some of the best shooters in the nation. Whether he is in a class or at a shooting competition one thing is for sure, his technical abilities and commitment to growth are ever present. He demands excellence in all that he does and is forever a student. He truly lives that life and is a valuable member at Armed Response Safety Training. Jake's intellectual approach and performance expectations keep our students challenged and the team strong. He commonly references the phrase, "No one likes a fast misser!" But make no mistake about it, he is FAST and ACCURATE!