Professional Firearms Training

Armed Response Safety Training was created with one purpose in mind, to provide professional firearms instruction for all levels of students. Our dedicated instructors work hard so we can provide the  best experience for our clients. Training with quality customer service, performance, and commitment, our team gives the necessary  training to improve your skills

Armed Response Safety Training is Veteran owned and operated.

Veteran owned and operated,  we proudly serve our firearms community and clients. It is not the firearms and tactics aspect of being veterans that we promote, but rather towards the dedicated professionals we are that continues the drive for our team. We use our military backgrounds to maintain sound business operations and growth so we can continue to serve our community. Our firearms training is not only diverse in what we gained from the military but from competing, attending top tier firearms training and maintaining the mindset for continuous learning. 

Our Instructors are Certified  & Insured.

Being certified and insured allows our team to conduct training at many facilities. Having certifications and insurance is important, but we train beyond the requirements most certificates require. As a matter of being experts we never consider a certificate to validate our abilities. We prove this in our performance and in the curriculums we build for our students. Our approach ensures safety and quality of training so you can be sure to benefit from our courses.


Certified Instructors

Insured and Safe

Improved Performance

Fun and Affordable

Diverse Training

Want to purchase a firearm in California?

We are certified Firearms Safety Certificate instructors. This allows us to issue the required Firearms Safety Certificate needed to legally purchase a firearm in California. For more information check out our Firearms Safety Introductory course. Click the learn more tab below to be directed to our course page. 


Want to stay current on firearm related topics?

Check out our blog for monthly updates on all things firearms related. Our blogs will be published on the first Saturday of every month. Send us a chat or email us for any topics you want to learn more about.


“Anthony was very patient and informative. The entire staff were pleasant and gave us more than our monies worth in instruction. We highly recommend learning with this team.”

Sam Sharaf


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